Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One happy family at Home

Life's a broken glass
who knows?
the heart only belongs to the Almighty God
Time only can tell
But it dun revealed

The past is gone
The present is now
The future is farther
When only i can see
But can't tell why

They missed each other
They loved each other
They wanted each other
They needed each other

But all we can see only a repeating words
A silly sentence
A stupid laugh
It were all looking empty

But it left a thousand interpretation
a love, a value, a missing
To have to pretend
One happy family at home

Who knows?
We'r broken inside
We'r fighting with our internal feeling
We miss all this
We miss to be together in one
We love our family

But we have to comply God destiny
A broken glasses
A family that separated
N be one happy family in a wooden frame

Only GOD knew why~