Thursday, February 26, 2009

towardS dipLoma show APRIL

These are all d process for week 8. Lg 5mggu ktrg kne finished wit d artworks to exhibit. So stressed inside beb. Seperti yg anda maklum, sy memilih subj Isu Kesan Tsunami as Diploma Show final works research;

Painting. Sadness of old ppl. In progress
Painting. Women's heart. Becoming background- dead bodies. In progress
Drawing. Dead lines show btp byknye korban tsunami kesan dr peristiwa. In progress
Drawing. Contour lines kt potrait. Colour tones 4 upgrading d black&white becoming background ( Destroid environment frm Tsunami Effects )

Nowadays, mkn tdo bgn main sme ngadap artworks. We'r all out for grad. Doakan kami:). Patik stuck kat subj printmaking and sculpture cuz no enough material. 4 Dip show, we must have 10 items to grad successfully. Another two is timebased media dat is computer subj. D tasks is to create art videos. U all klo ade ideas pape plz to give me 4 all d subj cth ats tu. Give me ur opinion n commentary. Tq:)

Only GOD knew why~


Suria Azhar said...

i dont know much about art so i reserve my comment lah ek..akakka..

but anyway.. to you my dearest niece..i pray to God up there for u to succeed and to fulfil all your dreams ..good luck and all best wishes from me.. u can do it k!..

jeynag said...

do ur best kak .
mwahhhhss .miz yahh !

neveralone said...

thanks to my bloved aunt n sistah:)..mmg xsaba2 nk penat dongg.heheh:P