Monday, July 27, 2009

abandoned parentsss?????

Dint u angry?

The rising of tis unhealthy trend
Dumping the old at the Govt Hospital
Going to the hosp, sending the sick old parents .
Then leave them without a visit wut so eva.
Givin wrong address, the hosp cant contact their children
When being discharged, they have nowhere to go
With no money.
Wipe away tears.
They all sent to Old Folks home
When they should actually spending their "golden years" wit d family
As a parent, they never bear grudges against the children
That's how nowadays children treat their parents
That bring up the children no matter in what ways
Even tapping rubber.
Became a big trouble, to burden u when they grew old
Tunggula korg.
Skg Malaysia nak ambl Singapore steps
utk menangani org dump ibubapa
bkn ibubapa buang anak ye!
Kena penjara tau
U shud noe dat ur act is unacceptable.
4 dis irresponsible and ungrateful children
Padan muke
Its a big sin noe

Only GOD knew why~


m u r n i said...

betol2! ade je banyak nenek2 atuk2 tue2 yang tinggal kat ospital. sedihi tgk. T_T

I - s Y a said...

sape tegamak..isk isk. haiwan.

neveralone said...

a'a.kte sme g lawat tnmpk drg mane tau drg kne ksian kan.lpastu mkin byk laktu kan muni?drg ni plan reramai

neveralone said...

its a facts isya.sgt terok ma

m u r n i said...

aah, sampai kan hati derang. MAK AYAH tuh. die tak paham ke maksud mak ayah. gile hape