Saturday, January 29, 2011

I need moree seconds...

Sometimes i felt that..
I dont have much time tu divide into
family..friends..and STUDY!!
Of coz there were so little tiny flow of time left
for MYtinySELF!!
at my condition and situation that nobody know
for everyone was expecting me to fulfill every wish..purr-fectly
How im gonna deal with this
Im arrogant, i am selfish, i am less helpful
but do u guys helping me that i was helpless?
In whatever and whichever section of what i am catching for
my studying
Everyone looking forward for my action
and i am, myself
hav to deal with so much trials n challenges in my studying
that i was chasing my brighter days
That i want to break my limit
Can we people work together in two ways?
Not just ask me to this and that without askin?
Thank you

Tis is not to mention as my sacrifices o what
But i just need more and more time
more support
more understanding
want to pray to God
Please let people understand love friends..,my love lovely people..
Dun judge me..dun simply put a recognition on me
Dun hope for too much in me
U know what i am doin
I am do my best
I know what i am doin
U don't have to know it...
but u will see it..
Only time will tell
Rabbi yassir wala tu assir

Only GOD knew why~

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