Thursday, February 10, 2011

to my tiny self

I felt like writing something..a lot kind of things..i want to spit from the brain .. 
but eventually all turns to enough ..!
 all were god destiny that who ever always come with difficult time and unfortunate were kind of person who God act love  . 
so that we always learn to find our true selves and be grateful .. thank God .. I'm a part of it ..
I just hurt .. im angry ..  so hateful..stupid ..annoying.. dumb busted
..I'm gone just a piece of time .. after i advised u the day before 
n u did wrong to my family 
how dare n i dunno d truth 
That just i know
ni leave it to God to punish all ur violent acts
n thank God my family is back
peaceful n love

Only GOD knew why~

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JoheumSaramWannabe said...!bagus! tak mengalami celaru personaliti

"so that we always learn to find our TRUE SELVES and be grateful"