Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tag penampilan oleh jiji

What Shampoo brand do you use?
Clairol Herbal Essences[klape dan orkid saye haha]

What Conditioner do you use?


Do you use a flat-iron daily?

tidak menentu

What styling products do you use?
L'oreal PARIS StudioLine

Do you prefer your hair to be up or down?

Down n up either

Is your hair long or short?
sudah panjang:P

Do you dye your hair?
dah half.haha

Do you use the same color, or do you experiment with other colors all the time?

How often do you dye your hair?

bile d only org yg menyentuh rmbutku buatkan[iaitu mak saye haha].dan tetibaa die pn nk jgk[mlh lbh advanced].haha.mak sye plg kewlla!:))


Do you wear make-up?
light make-up

What brand of foundation do you wear?

maybeLLine Newyork beli d Malaysia[kui2]

What brand of Mascara?

Do you wear eyeshadow?


What brand?

Markwins the book of beauty edition[org xtau klo xbkk hehu]

What color blush do you wear?

muke da pink.kuang3

What brand?

xamik tau

Lip stick or lip gloss?


If the answer is gloss, what flavor?
vanilla?peach?hurmm..[mcm pipe flavor taw.haha]

What kind of cleanser do you use?
yang tdk mmberangsangkan[kwn aku da membebel]

Do you use the Biore pore strips?

apebendelaa woi


Are your nails natural or fake?

Long or short?
never like evil huahua

What color do you normally paint your nails?
pernah transparent.bkilat auww

Do you get manicures often?

What about pedicures?
sendirian keduanya

Do you paint your toenails?

inai pernah

What color?
merah.ceklat hehe


What is your normal style?
stail bkn paranormal

What is your favorite brand of clothes?
plg fav ialah eLLE frm sum one;)

Where do you normally shop for clothes?
Berjaya megamall kuantan , EastCoast maLL kuantan krn 90% frm a year dcni.haha

Do you like to dress up, or are you more casual?
kebangsaan.haha.kasuallllahhh.dress up pombole

Do you wear a belt with all of your pants?

spatotnye,ttp ejas spy tidakk.haha[rimas]

Do you like flared leg pants?

I prefer straight cut

Do you wear shorts in the summer?
xnmpk prubahan cuaca

How about tank tops?

How many pairs of jeans do you own?
bpe ek?6 kott


How many pairs of shoes do you have?
sepulo,duepulo,tigepulo,pennoooo[bangla dunia baru]

Would you wear a pair of shoes that hurt your feet because they are too cute not to wear?
haha.ade,satu converse dgil beli jgk wlpn xd size xp

Are you a flip-flop lover?
wuaa..sumenye dah ilang mse blk stat sem bru:(

What about stilletos?

xminat aa sori

What size shoe do you wear?
e.n.a.m kot?

Do you own a lot of dressy shoes?

haha.rase2 somel takk??

Do you own any Mary-Janes?
tidak mengingati


What is your favorite accessory?
necklace of friendship wrote "FENA".hnye 3 org ade cm2 coz kami ber-3 besfren buat.2 more are "YAYA" &"WANI" :)

Do you have a lot of jewelry?
belum berpunya[lain mcm je haha]

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
due kot

Don't you just love the big sunglasses?
boleylaa.its fashion babe

Do you wear earrings daily?
24-7 -d whole life

What about necklaces?

bile rase mau.misti mau



pick&match each time hoho

How many watches do you own?
berape jam yang anda ada?xtermasok jamban kan?wakaka[saje usik kwn aku kt sbla,smlm knekan die cm2xp].yg kekal bernyawe ade 4.latest frm europe dr aunt hehehe

Do you wear a watch daily?
tidak juga

How many purses do you have?
beberapa yang bermcm gaye.hehe.but its unformal[mak saye mrh sbb geli handbag.die kate dah besar!].haha

Do you switch purses often?
kdg juga.match wit dress up

Does your wallet have to match your purse?
tidaklah.saye setia ngn wallet hitam saye wlpn slalu dkeji org[pasar]

Are your purses the huge ones, or are they smaller? huge n small.both an o-kay:)


[soklan geli gleman]
Do you buy the frilly, girly underwear, or plain cotton ones?
girly spentol hahaha

How do you feel about thongs?
geli arh[aku kne ejek g-string duluh ngn mbr2 bab name blkg ade g haha]

Does your bra HAVE to match your undies?
bile rase gatal,bkn gatal garu![mak aku kate da mule tebiat]haha

How many bras do you have?

xkuase i nk kire taw

How many pairs of panties do you own?

sebokklaaa kauuu

What about socks, how many pairs?
banyak juga.nk pnjm ke?

Do you wear different colored socks, or do you prefer plain white?

hoho.sgt pnat jwb soklan pnjg2 nie.mengon pale otak.
mahu tag org pula.
  1. zeyra
  2. madhu
  3. murni
  4. yahyah[hurz]

Only GOD knew why~

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